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Bluenose II: Saga of the Great Fishing Schooners
Bluenose II: Saga of the Great Fishing Schooners [B00624] by L. B. Jenson, --In this magnificent work, L. B. Jenson, noted marine artist and historic illustrator, has adapted and expanded his limited edtion portfolio Bluenose II, the last of the tall schooners to create a lasting memento fh the great fishing schooners. These measured drawings of the Bluenose II were carefully produced and checked while she was a fully-rigged and working schooner. All aspects of her design have been painstakingl reproduced--her deck fittings and housings, booms, gaff, bowsprit, rigging, etc.--and are supported by illustrations of the schooner under sail. Enlarged drawings of the hull, masts and sails are included for building enthusiasts.. DownEast Books, , 148 illus., 14 X9. P, List Price $19.95, Your price $16.95, Book Number B00624. Go top.
Confederate Raider 1861-65
Confederate Raider 1861-65 [B01159] by A. Konstam, T. Bryan, --The Confederate States adompted radical solutions to counter the naval superiority of their opponents. One of the more successful solutions they adopted was the us e of commerce raiders. This book describes the reasons which forced the Confederates to resort to commerche raiding, and outlines the way in which these craft were converted or specially built to perform their role. It details not only the way these craft were operated and manned, but also their brutal attacks, daring escapes and climatic battles agains the large numbers of Union warships forced to hunt them down.. Osprey, 2003, Color Art, photos, index, biblio., 7.3X9.8. P, List Price $14.95, Your price $12.70, Book Number B01159. Go top.
Cruise of the Chaclot; The
Cruise of the Chaclot; The [B01295] by Frank Bullen, --The Cruise of the Cachalot Around the World After Sperm Whales by Frank T. Bullen Frank Bullen begins his account of hunting for sperm whales with a description of how one became a member of the crew on a whaler in the late 1800's -- make sure that you're in a seaport and soon enough you'll be in luck: Sailor Jack is always hankering for shore when he is at sea, but when he is "outward bound"--that is, when his money is all gone -- he is like a cat in the rain there. So as MY money was all gone, I was hungry for a ship; and when a long, keen-looking man with a goat-like beard, and mouth stained with dry tobacco-juice, hailed me one afternoon at the street-corner, I answered very promptly, scenting a berth. "Lookin' fer a ship, stranger?" said he. "Yes; do you want a hand?" said I, anxiously. He made a funny little sound something like a pony's whinny, then answered, "Wall, I should surmise that I want between fifty and sixty hands, ef yew kin lay me onto 'em; but, kem along, every dreep's a drop, an' yew seem likely enough." With that he turned and led the way until we reached a building around which were gathered one of the most nondescript crowds I had ever seen. There certainly did not appear to be a sailor among them. Bullen was right about the lack of sailors among the would-be crew: farmers, bakers, and draymen ship out with the Portuguese Canary Islanders already aboard. Bullen was a sailor however, and soon won the approval of the black fourth-mate. The Cachalot (or "big head," another term for "sperm whale") got under way quickly so that the men could not jump ship and swim for shore -- whalers were considered a "sailor's horror." Bullen would remain aboard for three years, never quite sure where the captain might be taking them in the chase. They ended up circumnavigating the globe. These would be the last days for this kind of whaling and Bullen was anxious to give a complete account of life aboard a whaling ship, with accurate and vivid descriptions of chasing, catching, and preparing a sperm whale: In this optimistic mood, then, I gaily flung myself into my place in the mate's boat one morning, as we were departing in chase of a magnificent cachalot that had been raised just after breakfast...He had just settled down for a moment, when, glancing over the gunwale, I saw his tail, like a vast shadow, sweeping away from us towards the second mate, who was laying off the other side of him. Before I had time to think, the mighty mass of gristle leapt into the sunshine, curved back from us like a huge bow. Then with a roar it came at us, released from its tension of Heaven knows how many tons. Full on the broadside it struck us, sending every soul but me flying out of the wreckage as if fired from catapults. I did not go because my foot was jammed somehow in the well of the boat, but the wrench nearly pulled my thigh-bone out of its socket. I had hardly released my foot, when, towering above me, came the colossal head of the great creature, as he ploughed through the bundle of debris that had just been a boat. There was an appalling roar of water in my ears, and darkness that might be felt all around. Yet, in the midst of it all, one thought predominated as clearly as if I had been turning it over in my mind in the quiet of my bunk aboard -- "What if he should swallow me?" The ship's first captain was a grim despot, the crew inexperienced, and the weather unpredictable: storms aboard ship as well as storms at sea were plentiful. Some of the ports they entered were friendly, but others were decidedly not; the men almost lost their whale to Chinese pirates in the Hong Kong harbor. Bullen himself becomes fourth mate under tragic circumstances. But they visit idyllic ports as well, and with a change of captains the ship life improves noticeably. Bullen tells a tale that can't be beat for an authentic voice, one of great human as well as historical interest. "Sailor Jack" or not, you'll find this graphic story captivating. . W. W. Norton, , , . P, List Price $15.95, Your price $13.55, Book Number B01295. Go top.
H.M.S Detroit: Battle For Lake Erie
H.M.S Detroit: Battle For Lake Erie [B00087] by Robert And Thomas Malcomson, --A concise, well-written study of the U.S. Navy's decisive victory over the British in the Great Lakes during the War of 1812, seen from both American and British sides.. Naval Institute Press, 1991, 60 Illustrations And Diagrams., 8.5 X 11. H, List Price $25.95, Your price $19.45, Book Number B00087. Go top.
H.M.S Victory: Her Construction, Career, and Restoration
H.M.S Victory: Her Construction, Career, and Restoration [B00782] by Alan McGowan, --One of the world's best-known warships, HMS Victory was the flagship of Lord Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Still a commissioned vessel, she lies today at Portsmouth, England, where thousands visit her each year. Many marvel at her beauty and wonderful state of preservation, the result of the extraordinary work lavished on her over the past two hundred years. A must for Nelson enthusiasts, historians, and preservationists, this book tells the story of the painstaking historical research and fine craftsmanship that restored the ship to its age-of-sail glory. The narrative of the restoration is accompanied by two hundred recently commissioned drawings that show the ship as it was in 1805 and a hundred paintings and photographs. In addition to the technical details of construction and fittings, the book describes the Victory's fabled career and what life on board was like for the officers and crew.. Naval Institute Press, , 30, 9.8 X11.8. H, List Price $59.95, Your price $44.95, Book Number B00782. Go top.
Most Fortunate Ship: A Narrative History Of Old Ironsides; A,
Most Fortunate Ship: A Narrative History Of Old Ironsides; A, [B00354] by Tyrone G. Martin, --Updated edition of the definitive history of the USS Constitution--Old Ironsides. Tells the complete story of the ship and provides insight into her original construction and highlights overlooked naval actions in which she participated. Author is former skipper of the ship.. Naval Institute Press, , 30, 7 X10. H, List Price $35.00, Your price $26.25, Book Number B00354. Go top.
Peking Battles Cape Horn; The
Peking Battles Cape Horn; The [B00493] by Irving Johnson, --Classic contemporary sea adventure, first published in 1929, with a contemporary film available on video. Irv Johnson recorded on film and page the stormy passage of the German Barque Peking around the horn.. Natl Maritime, 1995, 6x9, 6 X9. P, List Price $11.75, Your price $9.95, Book Number B00493. Go top.
Schooner Vigilant of St. Croix; The
Schooner Vigilant of St. Croix; The [B01287] by David M. Hamilton, --A brief history of the Schooner Vigilant along with the facts known about her found in Dutch archives.. Morris, 1999, , 5.5X8.5. P, List Price $9.95, Your price $8.45, Book Number B01287. Go top.
Tudor Navy: Ships, Men, and Organization 1485-1603; The
Tudor Navy: Ships, Men, and Organization 1485-1603; The [B00888] by Arthur Nelson, --The Tudor dynasty ruled England during a dynamic period of maritime and naval history--the time fo the Mary Rose, the Spanish Armada, Sir Francis Drake, and the birth of British sea power. From the pre-Tudor era through the sixteenth-century reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, the author provides a detailed record of naval activities involving English ships organized by monarch and naval campaign.. Naval Institute Press, , 120 illus., 10X12. H, List Price $56.95, Your price $42.70, Book Number B00888. Go top.
USS Constitution, "Old Ironsides"
USS Constitution, by Tyrone G. Martin, --Printed especially for the USS Constitution's Bicentennial. Provides a brief summary of the Navy's most famous ship.. Naval Institute Press, 1997, Collectors Bicentennial Edition from Naval History, 8.3 X10.8. P, List Price $11.00, Your price $9.35, Book Number B00390. Go top.
Voyage of the Beagle
Voyage of the Beagle [B01259] by Charles Darwin, --A classic of adventure travel, this landmark of natural history is also a cornerstone in the development of evolutionary theory. The Beagle departed from England in 1831 on a voyage to map the coast of South America. Its two-year itinerary stretched into five years, and the ship's naturalist, young Charles Darwin, made the observations that led to his concept of natural selection. Darwin based many of his conclusions upon his study of the unique creatures of the Galápagos: marine and land iguanas, giant tortoises with a variety of shells, and more than 20 species of finches, each with a distinctive beak. Upon his return home in 1836, Darwin published a series of books based on the notebooks and diaries from his voyage, including this historic work--essential reading for scientists, historians, and anyone with an interest in the natural world. This new Dover edition is the lowest-priced edition now available. Unabridged republication of P. F. Collier and Son, Corp. N.Y., 1909.. Dover, , , 5.2X8.3. P, List Price $9.95, Your price $8.45, Book Number B01259. Go top.
Wreck of the Grosvener
Wreck of the Grosvener [B00598] by , --This gripping tale of the sea follows the disastrous voyage of the Grosvenor of the British Mercantile Marine, bound for Valparaiso. Aboard are a brutal and inhumane captain and chief mate. Mr. Royle, the ship's second mate is our hero. . McBooks, , , . P, List Price $13.95, Your price $11.85, Book Number B00598. Go top.