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Effective 1 Jan 2014

Until further notice
Sea-Room will not accept orders.

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Get a Free bumper sticker
Send a Self Addressed and first class stamped #10 envelope (4 1/8 x 9 1/2 inches) to get one Free bumper sticker  while current supply lasts.

--The next in the series of bumper stickers intended to attract the attention of other Aubrey/Maturin fans in the parking lot of Barnes and Nobles. Of course the casual reader behind you in traffic will only wonder if you intend to influence an election in some unknown district or state. We do a "head fake" with the sub-title because most people will be unaware that the HMS Surprise had a run-in with the USS Constitution. But then ... , perhaps they saw the movie.  And for more direct USS Constitution support, for the first 200 bumper stickers requested--a dollar will be sent to support the USS Constitution.  You may add your donation by simply including it with your SASE.

Bumper Sticker Size 3.75x14 inches, Book Number B01400.  



The Patrick O'Brian Centenary

The year 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of POB's birth.  Sea-Room plans to record in this space special events or actions related to it.  If you are aware of any not listed here, please let me know by email to

W.W. Norton will publish a edition of A Book of Voyages edited by Patrick O'Brian.