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Sea-Room, Inc., an independent bookseller, focuses on the Age of Sail with a particular affection for Patrick O'Brian and book series in general.  scuttlebutt, a chat list discussing old wooden ships by the exchange of email,  exists because many on the internet wished to discuss the delightful work of Patrick O'Brian. Sea Room, the book seller exists because scuttlebutt provided proof that a large market existed for lovers of old wooden sailing ships whether in fiction or in reference books of maritime technology, naval science, construction or rigging skills. scuttlebutt earned a reputation on the internet as a place where POB was discussed among other topics of interest to lovers of wooden sailing ships.  Sea Room, and independent bookstore, sells nautical books through direct mail and the internet where provides information about the available books. 

However, the references are much richer than just the lists. Like most fan clubs, the participants have been very active in building collections of useful information.

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Herb Ford, Director
Pitcairn Islands Study Center
Pacific Union College
1 Angwin Avenue
Angwin, CA 94508"

To summarize the references:

Pitcairn Islands Study Center 
Pitcairn Island Web Site
Mutiny on the Bounty Web Site

bulletThe Brig Niagara at Eire Pennsylvania.   Exhibition of the effect of actual cannon fire.
bullet Dan Twohig conducts a very active blogging website, Monstermaritime, which is well worth your time and exploration.
bulletBruce Trinque compiled the The Ships of Jack Aubrey, a collection of actual ship plans reflecting excellent research on actual ships.   "All of the vessels commanded by Jack Aubrey in the Patrick O'Brian novels are
examined and related to their historical counterparts (or to representative ships if no direct model is known)."  The plans provide insight about some of the longitudinal models provided by Sea Room (which see) and help readers of the novels "see" the scene of action clearer.
bulletRichard. H Dana wrote Two Years before the Mast which captured the imagination of young people then in the early 19th century and continues to do so.

Maritime and Naval Museums in Britain and Ireland

Web-sites generally related to maritime museums and heritage

bulletA virtual tour of the Nautical Museums of England Splendid in the quality and number of Museums included.
bulletAn outstanding site with a very rich collection of chanties.  A selection of old songs and a very sound technical structure. Look particularly for American folk and Sea Songs.
bulletA primary reference source for ship histories of the Napoleonic Wars.  Take a few minutes to look up Patrick O'Brian's sources: Cochrane's Speedy (Sophie), Surprise, Bellona, Victory, Worchester, Polycrest (Dart), Leopard, Boadicea. (POB named the Ringle after Ken Ringle, a Washington Post Book Reviewer.) An extraordinary Historical Collection on old sailing ships..
bulletA detailed, and seemingly personal, examination of the uniforms of the Royal Navy
bulletAnother list of comments about POB's work made valuable by the organization which gives access to the content.
bulletA "must site" for POB fans, collectors, students, reviewers.  An extremely comprehensive Patrick O'Brian information collection.
bulletAn excellent site for Sea Songs and Shanties.
bulletA truly delightful ship history that you can share with children. Very well done.
bulletAmong other things, a  map of old London. 
bulletThe Gunroom: Another group of POB fans.
bulletJohn Kohnen's listing of nautical fiction ever published is extraordinary and a constant reference source.
bulletIf the Napoleonic War was the primary impetus for writing about The Great Age of Fighting Sail the second must be the Mutiny of the H.M.S. Bounty and the books of Nordhoff and Hall. We recommend the following list for its scholarship and its orientation towards the current Pitcairn residents Mutiny on the Bounty information.
bulletPeter Davis has a frigate simulator and other interesting material at his site. 
bulletForemost among the great wooden ships still here and still in need of your support is the USS Constitution. Old Ironsides currently needs money from all of us to buy her sails. She will return to the sea, and I hope to help that happen. The USS Constitution.  Her battle log.
bullet Many fascinating photos giving details of the USS Constellation's construction and reconstruction.  The USS Constellation.
bulletThe US Navy, in preserving its traditions, has much information to share with lovers of wooden sailing ships. The Navy Museum at Annapolis is a good place to start and this reference has links to many other sites. Be sure to visit the Rodgers model collection so you can find links to many ship model websites.  The tradition of sailing ships in the US Navy.
bulletYou have several opportunities to follow the progress and even sail modern replicas of classic square riggers. Here's one.  The H.M.S. Endeavor Replica. 
bulletC. S. Forester's Horatio Hornblower series first came upon my attention from the pages of the Saturday Evening Post. They helped to shape my interest in the nautical historical novels genre. I was pleased to find the C. S. Forester Society on-line.  The C. S. Forester Society.
bulletA comprehensive register of old wooden sailing vessels
bulletNiall Kelly offers a particularly attractive and well-organized hot-links to many, many websites.  Nautical Links.
bulletWhile John Kohnen's Nautical Fiction does indeed include all nautical novels, this site focuses on those specifically placed in the time of the Napoleonic Wars Novels of the Nelsonian Era.
bulletMore recently, planning and production has begun on a second series of  Hornblower films for TV.The Hornblower films.  
And a discussion of the progress of the second HH series.  Discussion of film progress.
bulletThe Nautical Research Guild is easy to love.  They publish a beautiful journal which is a mixture of  nautical history and really serious model ship building articles.  The Guild is very active, very open, and very accessible and the members bring a new level of professionalism to amateurism--even to their website.  Check out their extensive pointers.  And they published my history of the Washington Navy Yard.  Nautical Research Guild.
bullet"Pitcairn Islands Study Center is a source re The Bounty Saga. Our web site is With some 600 books and a host of other items relating to the subject we are the world's largest at-one-site repository of material on Bligh/Bounty/Pitcairn/Norfolk. We are attempting to make the center not only broad in scope, but also of high quality. In recent months the likes of The National Geographic, Islands, Archaeology and other magazines and book publishers have made successful use of the center.  If you have related books and are looking for an appropriate repository where they'll continue to be useful, please contact:
To Sea Room Quarterdeck.
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